The pediatric ward provides medication for children under 15. In the primary state, our skilled pediatricians, clinical team and surgeons even provide multi-disciplinary service. Our pediatric medicine department has highly qualified and experienced specialists. In this ward, for the patients physical, mental and emotional medication, even aid is given in the presence of the family. We provide skilled, communicative, mentally collaborative and state of the art medication for the patients and their family. We aim to make such an environment that will help to cure the disease and make the relations between our workers and the patients and their family full of trust, respect, and honesty.


Prof. Dr Mohammad Reazul Karim

MBBS, DCH (Dhaka), MCPS (Paed.)
MSC, MD (Paed), FRCP (Glasgow)
Head of Dept., CMOSHMC
Room No: 312
Serial: Call our hotline
Fee: 600 BDT
Time: 6.00 pm to 9 pm (Thu &Fri Off)

Prof. Dr. A.K.M Rezaul Karim

MBBS, MD (Child Health)
MD (Child Hematology)
Professor, CHCH
Room No: 217
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 600 BDT
Time: 5pm to 7pm (Friday off)

Prof. Dr. Muslim Uddin Sabuj

MD (Child Health)
Professor & Head, CIMCH
Room No: 324
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 600 BDT
Time:3pm to 7pm (Friday off)

Dr. Abdur Razzak Sikder

FCPS, MD(Child)
Consultant, Paediatrics
Room No: 223
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 600
11am to 1am (Friday off)

Dr. Mohammad Musa

MBBS, BCS (Helath)
MD (Child), DCH
Assistant Professor, CMCH
Room No: 214
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 500 BDT
Time: 6.30pm to 9pm (Mon, Thu & Fri off)

Dr. Md Shah Alam

MBBS (DMC), BCS (Health)
MD (Child Health)
Consultant, CMCH
Room No: 226
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 600 BDT
Time: 7pm to 9pm(Thu & Fri off)

Dr. Md Sagir

Consultant, NICU
Room No:225
Fee: 500 BDT
Time: 10.30am to 1pm (Thu & Fri off)


Consultant, Pediatrics
Room No: 223
Serial: Call our Hotline
Fee: 600BDT
11am to 1am (Friday)

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