Vision & Mission


It’s ever so often believed that nothing happens unless there is a vision. At the genesis of the Parkview story, there is a dream. A dream so powerful, that it has helped transform the medical landscape in Bangladesh. Parkview’s vision for the phase of enlargement will touch billions of lives. To fulfill aim, Parkview Hospital mantra is “Try Endlessly to Save a Life.”


Parkview’s Mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within reach of every individual. They are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity. “Putting patients first” is their prime motto.


The confluence of values for Parkview Hospital can be a ray of hope that will represent Leadership in Bangladesh healthcare. It is a ray that has the encouragement of millions; it is looking for a cure, looking for hope. The dream nurtured and grew within the sponsor of Parkview Hospital until the point of conception. Parkview’s vision of quality healthcare set forth; the pursuit of clinical excellence will endeavor; the Parkview family will hope to touch and enrich lives every minute of every day. We hope to make this vision a reality. Parkview Hospital will be driven to provide the best standards of patient care. These values will lead to the development of unique centers of excellence across medical disciplines within the Hospital network.

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